Who am I?

Jason Laurie is the president and CEO of The Laurie Group, LLC as business development and consulting company.  He has worked with private business throughout the United States develop better business through working with the unique personalities of the owners and employees.  As a Christian, Jason doesn’t see himself through different goggles.  He uses his strong Christian faith as his guiding principles for business.

Jason lives in Fort Collins Colorado where he teaches Theology, Philosophy and Apologetics to anyone who will listen.

When asked his reasons for teaching, he states;

“As a reformed theologian, it is my goal to keep myself consistent in what the scriptures teach and strive to keep others to be consistent as well.  My goal is to approach the scriptures apart from my tradition, taboos, and cultural norms.  Though sometimes I may teach or say things that make eyebrows go up in the church, I rest easy knowing that, though I may be wrong, at least I am striving to know God more.”

Jason is a father or two (Anna and Maxwell) and has been married for 19 years to his wife Carrie.

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