The sign of a true Christian? – Tim Guthrie’s Attack on Dr. James White

Open LetterAfter reading Tim Guthrie’s article regarding a conspiracy by Dr James White to hack into his computer files and steal stuff, I got to thinking as to how we can reconcile such a crazy, libelous article with scriptural Christian conflict.   One would expect this type of behavior from a politician, atheist, or other unregenerate group, but Christians have a supernatural component to their lives.  The Holy Spirit is living within us.  This begs the question, how can or would the Holy Spirit allow such a thing to occur?  Is the Holy Spirit just a morbid Fightclub advocate that likes to see scraps between Christians for fun?  I think not.  That leaves only two other possible explanations for such a brutally untruthful attacks.  Either Christianity is false and our hope is in a lie OR the Holy Spirit is not involved in the life of the individual making such claims.   Perhaps I’m missing something here but I thought that Christians were in the business of seeking truth through God’s word, not being “right” at all cost.  I could be missing something though and – as Dr White told me a few days ago – it is not our job to judge the hearts of these men, but it does make one question why someone would do such things if the Holy Spirit is guiding them.  Of course answering this question is far harder for a Calvinist like me than for an Arminian like Guthrie.  Guthrie can simply right off such thing under the guise of quenching the Holy Spirit (not listening).  I can’t make such a claim and thus I am vastly more limited in my ability to justify sin than an Arminian is.  Below is a link to the article written by Guthrie.




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