Chuck Smith Passes Away of Cancer at age 86

I  wanted to pay my respects to the family of Chuck Smith over his recent passing at age 86 from lung cancer.  The fact is, the differences I and my followers have had the Calvary over the past years are most definitely secondary and inconsequential to the family of God.  Chuck was and is a brother in Christ who remained steadfast to the ministry of God until the end.  I pray for a quick recovery of this shock to his followers and family.

Chuck had theological differences from myself, but one would be hard pressed to find a man who transformed ministry in the United States this side of the 20th century more than he did. He is to be applauded and respected for his ministry and it is my prayer that more of us would have the courage to take the established traditions of the church as much as he did.  Many of our churches may differ in theological beliefs, but most are touched in some way by the ministry of Chuck.  From  the contemporary music of Maranatha to casual dress in church we all experience some of Chuck’s influence.

To those who were not fans of Chuck, please use wisdom in the matter and refrain from taking advantage of this situation to espouse hatred toward him or speculate on the future of Calvary Chapel.   Any such comments on this blog will be promptly removed.  

  1. Thanks for this call to remember our place as children of God first, then as theologians with differing views. Who knows, without Chuck Smith’s influence, our family might never have had the pleasure of knowing yours!

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