Does Metallica Point us to God?

Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness. And let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over the livestock and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.”

So God created man in his own image,

in the image of God he created him;

male and female he created them.

As a baby believer, I used to think that God’s creation of Man in Genesis 1 was a description of our physical look.  I thought that God was in fact a being, with special powers, that looked like us.  As I matured in the faith, a came to realize that my original belief about this passage was filled with holes.  For instance, God create man and woman and obviously I didn’t believe that God had both male part and female parts!  Since no two people are the same, it was impossible to reconcile different skin colors, and heights.  I came to be acutely aware that God is not referring to our physical look but something on the inside of us.  I came to understand that God is referring to our essence, our identity, perhaps even our soul.  These invisible attributes are in fact an imprint on man that points us to our creator who has the same essence.  So what are these attributes that God is referring to in Gen 1? I think that the best way to discover the attributes that man received from God is to simply look at God’s own actions in the text.


God is the perfect creator.  He loves to create and is the author of the concept of creation.  When God created Man, He gave us a desire to create as well.   A great deal of our time is spent in creation mode and it is what we are at our best.  I know I am at my happiest when I am creating something.  It is God who has given us the ability to created new and exciting things and our creation glorifies Him.


In the beginning the earth was in chaos (void and without form).  God then systematically created order to the universe.  He ordered the waters in the sky and earth, added the Sun, Moon and stars. He created creatures on the earth the produce based on their own kind.  He then created man and ordered his life by giving him woman and then instructed them to subdue the earth.  He created seasons and and tides and weather systems.  He ordered the chaos.  God loves order and we too love order.  We are in fact, unable to live in a world without order.  We take jobs as scientists that study and explain the order of things. We develop laws and governments to help to keep society orderly, and we punish the disorder of things.  If you look at the pages of Genesis 1, you will notice that God uttered “it was Good” about each of His creations except for when He created the Heavens (space).  Did God forget to say the words or this there something about space that makes it not good.  Perhaps God did not utter “it was good” because the Universe is a cold, dark and disorderly place that is not suitable for His crown of creation?  It appears to me that God ordered things to make it perfect for man and space is no place for man to live.  God orderly attributes were given to us in our creation as well and we absolutely crave order in all things.  Anyone who hates order is a sociopath which is a  brain disease that causes people to not recognize orderly versus disorderly.  Order is a gift from God.


When God created He uttered the words “It was good”.  In order for God to utter these words, He must recognize that things can be bad. Though everything God created, is by it’s nature good (meaning it has a holy intended purpose) he must still understand the contrast to goodness.  Man also knows what is good and bad.  Though we might from time to time suppress this knowledge, we still deep down know when we are sinning or when we are going right.  Though before the fall we had no capacity to define badness, we still had the ability to recognize it once we had something to compare to.  This is evident in the text of the fall of man.  As soon as they disobeyed, they were aware of their sin. They did not say “Hey, Good piece of Fruit thank for sharing Snake!”.  They said (and I am paraphrasing here) “Oh Crap!  What have we done?”  God knows good and bad and we also know good and bad.  The difference between God and man is that God cannot do bad because it is against His nature.  Our nature is different and we are most definitely able to do what we shouldn’t.


God’s creation is awe inspiring!  Everything He creates not only has utility to it, but also has beauty to it.  God did not just create the universe but He also created the most beautiful painting imaginable while doing it!  As we stare out into space we are struck with it’s beauty and are moved by its creation.  When we see an elaborate spider web that is spun in a seemingly random patter to create a work of art, we are memorized by it.  God necessarily must recognize beauty in order to create beautiful things.  We too have this attribute.  Even though a spider can create a beautiful thing (a web) they do not recognize it as beautiful. we do, because we are different than the spider, we have the attribute of aesthetics within us.  When we create, we are constantly looking to add our mark of beauty to it.  Consider Apple Computer products.  The iPhone is not the most powerful phone, nor the most practical one, but they sell like hot cakes because they look good.  We emotionally purchase things based on how they make us feel, not because they are the best alternative to solving our problems.  We love beautiful things, and are thus attracted to them.  Do to is attracted to beautiful things otherwise He would have no interest in creating and being involved in His creation.

The difference between deism and theism is the involvement of God in His creation.  The God of Christianity is a theistic one who is continually involved in His creation and this is a testament to His desire for beautiful things.  He was not disinterested in His creation like deism involves, he was and is activity involved in it at all times.


So to answer the question in my title, “Does Metallica point us to God?”  The answer is “YES”.  I am not suggesting that Metallica is a Christian band nor am I saying that the lyrics are pointing us to God.  What I am suggesting that any music, even Metallica moves us and this is our ability to recognize the attributes that God has given us.  Music is an orderly creation.  We know if the music is right and edifying or bad and not edifying.  Most importantly we recognize it’s beauty and aesthetic qualities and receive an emotional – not practical – response to it.  There is absolutely no other reason for music but to get us in touch with out emotions.  Music provides not other reason for existence.  Music is more than just the combination notes on a page. Music is indeed a creation of God and our ability to recognize it’s beauty is a gift given to us by God.  So though you might not like Metallica, one must still conclude that the band displays the gifts given to us by our creator and we should glorify God is this.

    • will
    • September 23rd, 2013

    i see what you did there 🙂
    great post.

    • Reuben
    • September 24th, 2013

    And Pantera.

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