“Christian” Dr. Ergun Caner Sues to Suppress his Lies

For those of you who have been following that two year battle that Christian leaders have been waging over the public and numerous lies told by Ergun Caner will find Ergun’s recent moves to fit  perfectly within his character (or lack there of).  For those that haven’t been following let me give you a quick summery.

This Video from YouTube says it better than I can

Ergun Caner (Known as Butch Caner prior to 9/11) is the self professed apologist against Islam.  Over his years of ministry he has claimed to be born in Turkey, trained in Jihad in madrases in Islamic countries, speak Arabic and having numerous debates of Islamic scholars.  In reality he was born in Sweden and moved to the United States when he was just a small biy and was barred from leaving the country due to a divorce decree issued after his mother (Christian) divorced his father (Muslim).  He has been shown and eventually admitted that he doesn’t speak Arabic and he has yet to produce a single debate he has ever had with a Muslim.  He was never trained in Jihad and in fact it is very questionable if he was ever devoted to Islam given his young age when he parents divorced.  His lies have been exposed by the likes of Dr James White (Alpha Omega Ministries) and blogger Jason Smathers from Arizona and many other including new media agencies, amateur bloggers and the Islamic community.  He is in fact a fraud and an unrepentant one at that.  The sad part of it all is the systematic cover up by people like Norman Geisler, Calvary Chapel Church, Liberty University and many others who apparently think that bashing on Muslims with words like “sandy monkey” and “towel head” is more important than telling the truth.  After a quite time of about 1 years, Mr. Caner apparently believes that his lack of repentance and continued cover up has made everything okay and him untouchable and he has yet again gone on the offensive to clean up his negative image.  He has been telling churches that are friendly to him to take his sermons off their website, and has been filing ridiculous claims to YouTube about copyright violations to have negative videos taken down.  All of this while tweeting his “poor me, I’m a victim” Rhetoric. Of course he can’t control everything and even though he has friends in high places (just south of Heaven I would say) and much of his lies have been covered up by them,  many of the negative press still remains.

One of the most damaging pieces of falsehood uttered by Caner was to a group of Marines who were about to deploy to Islamic countries as part of our on-going war against terror.  The video was mean’t to teach these leaders how to deal with Islam and who better than a former enemy?  The video in question was obtained by Jason Smathers through the Freedom Information act and though I would love to embed it in this blog, I can’t.  Why? Because Caner has recently filed a suit against Smathers stating that the video he obtained through the United States government is a violation of copyright. YouTube has taken in down but Caner won’t stop until he destroys the reputation of a “fellow” Christian.  I would suspect that this is just one of many law suites to come and I hope that Dr White who has kept this issue in the spotlight for years will eventually find himself embroiled in a suite as well.  Caner’s profound arrogance fed by powerful leaders (to use the term loosely) shows no stopping in his blitz campaign.  Wouldn’t it just be easier to repent Ergen? I guess repentance is not an option, perhaps you should ask Jesus to regenerate you just as he does with other non-believers!


At the risk of getting sued myself, I have a few things to say not just to Caner but to the so-called Christians that are not only standing behind this man but protecting him and feeding his ego.  SHAME ON YOU ALL.  This man has systemically destroyed any relations we might have with Muslims and the furtherance of the gospel yet you stand on your holy pulpits and tout this mans greatness?  It is your job to protect the flock and yet you let a wolf through your front door and when he is proven to be a wolf you simply give him a better costume?  Ergen Caner is a lair and deceiver and an unrepentant one at that and frankly his behavior over the past several years reminded me to the Book of James.  Show me your faith apart from works and I will show you my faith by my works.  Caner’s works are that of an unregenerate soul and for those of you who worship (yes worship) Geisler, Calvary Chapel and Liberty University need to seriously consider dropping to your knees in repentance yourself!  What arrogance Calvary Chapel must have to arrest a man who is protecting the flock!  Caner a bad man and you are not only giving him a platform to speak (I’m looking at you Calvary) but you have covered up his lies with lies of your own.

It is a sad day in the church when I find myself aligning with the Muslim’s against the Christian church.  Do me a favor, shutdown your ministries and go away – All of you!

The video below is from a Muslim, not a Christian and this more than anything points out the damage you all have done in allowing this man (Caner) a platform to speak his lies.  Consider this carefully as you will be held accountable for your actions!

  1. i think our first conversation, ever, was about our mutual distaste for the Caner boys.

  2. Good post, I just discovered your blog. However, though I appreciate some of the facts in the two videos, they also contain some opinion that I think should be noted. In the first video, there was the none-to-subtle anti-educational rhetoric. On the second video, the are obvious classic Muslim errors (such as “Jesus never claimed to be God”) and some rather childish jabs at Dr. Caner’s weight and baldness.

    Still, as a documented liar, Dr. Caner should be exposed, repeatedly.

    • Yeah, since Ergen has been potitioning to have YouTube pull videos down that make him look bad, the number of available videos has gotten thin. The antiintellectualism opinion definately bothered me too.

  3. The video isn’t “anti-intellectual”, however I can see how one could see it that way.

    The problem is that many look to scholarship as proof the person is a Christian instead of looking at the fruit as Jesus told us in Matthew 7:15-20.

    Scholarship & Doctrine are how wolves are sneaking in.

    Excellent doctrine (Deity of Jesus, etc.) which is essential is not the “acid test”, it’s the fruit the person bears. Jesus said “by their fruit ye shall know them”.

    Ergun Caner is a perfect example. He has doctrine, has scholarship, but also purposely lied for over 8 years and has still not publicly confessed his 8+ years of purposeful lying to Christian audiences.

    Ergun Caner is bearing bad fruit and bad fruit does not bear on good trees.

    If all it takes is doctrine & scholarship to infiltrate the church because that’s what Christians look at, then watch out because a whole bunch of doctrinal/scholarly wolves are going to flood in and they already have.

    We have documentation of a cover-up of Ergun Caner at the “leadership” level. It’s bigger than just Ergun Caner. In fact, their own scholarship damns them. How can scholarly “leadership” cover-up a known liar and still be true to 1 Timothy 3:15?

    How can one scholarly leader call themselves the “pillar and ground of the truth” and be covering up Ergun Caner at the same time?

    By their own scholarship, we can safely assume they know 1 Timothy 3:15 and know it in the Greek, etc.

    You see, they really exposed themselves by their own scholarship.

    • As long as we agree that the acid test for false profits is bearing bad fruit than I agree – since that is the scope of Matthew 7:15:

      “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves. 16 You will recognize them by their fruits. Are grapes gathered from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? 17 So, every healthy tree bears good fruit, but the diseased tree bears bad fruit. 18 A healthy tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a diseased tree bear good fruit. 19 Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20 Thus you will recognize them by their fruits.

      However, without scholarship – defined as knowledge of the work of Christ – we can’t know what bad fruit means and lack of thought and study is the main reason why false profits are let into the church in the first place. I think that Calvary Chapel’s desire to let the wolf through the door shows that they are not committed to scholarship (something my ten years with them made clear). I think it also speaks volumes about the churches ability to see those not inside the circle of Christianity as fair game no matter the method. They are okay with lying about a religious belief as long as it suites their purposes. I think this is the same problem as with the article I just wrote on Mark Driscoll and his misquoting of an Ingersoll a famous agnostic.

    • Arthur Haglund
    • March 7th, 2014

    Shame on any college or congregation or any group professing Christ to allow continuation of any liar or heretic. First we had Jack Chick and John Todd. Then Mike Warnke, now Bill Schnoebelen and the Caner brothers. Even Walid Shoebat is quite suspect and has yet to support his supposed terrorist background claims. It amazes me les and less, since false doctrine is not torn down immediately. The USA has been a fertile ground for liars and heresy from The Campbellite, millerites, the Mormons, Jehovah’s witnesses and 7th Day Adventists (both from the Millerite movement) to the ‘word faith’ heresy. Judgement, my friends, STARTS at the house of the Lord!

    • We need to keep a closer eye on the Shoebat Brothers. Their theology is crazy for sure but my big concern is there support for the church picking up the sword in some sort of Christian Jihad. The state has every right in picking up the sword and executing necessary and righteous judgement, but the church does not. Our “sword” is the word of God! Phil Robertson (Duck Dynasty) stated the same thing regarding the strife in Iraq and Syria. He said “Convert them of Kill them”. First, God converts, not me and second, he must be talking to the church and not the state since the state is not in the conversion business.

      I have a question. What about Ambassadorship? Where do we fit into Christianity a man who accuses Dr James White of having a secret army of hackers that break into colleges and steal computer files? How can someone tell such a lie and still have the Holy Spirit living within them? Should we consider these people unregenerate? Is the Holy Spirit not concerned with our behavior? I don’t know but I would expect this type of argumentation from a politician, but Christians have a supernatural component to their lives and doesn’t it stand to reason that a Christian would not make such libelous claims against a fellow believer?

  4. I’m impressed, I must say. Rarely do I encounter a blog that’s both equally educative and engaging, and without a doubt, you have hit the nail on the head.

    The problem is something which not enough people are speaking intelligently about.
    I’m very happy I found this in my search for something regarding this.

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