Paul Broun…”Speaking off the Record?”

Republican Congressman Paul Broun joins a long list of other elected officials who compartmentalize their faith.  Last week, shortly after the vice presidential debate, I wrote an article criticizing both candidates – who profess to be Roman Catholic – for giving a less than Roman Catholic response to the abortion issue (READ ARTICLE HERE).  Today, a video from Congressman Paul Broun was brought to my attention.

Though I don’t agree with everything Congressman Broun says in regard to the age of the earth or the importance of the Big Bang, Congressman Broun should be applauded for professing his faith in Christ and his desire to seek God’s truth.

Maybe I spoke too soon, however, since most obviously those who are not interested in open debate but rather shutting down opposition, have taken and run with this video accusing the congressman of ignorance.  Let us understand that Congressman Broun is on the Science and Technology committee for the US Congress!  Bill Ny the self professed “Science Guy” had some harsh things to say about the congressman and asserted that there is

“no controversy among scientist over evolution”.

What Bill said is true but what is not apparent is that Bill Ny has removed anyone who doesn’t agree with evolution from being a scientist.  So by limiting the field of science to materialistic science, he has uttered truth – deceptively  so!

This article is not one considering the differences in opinion among Christians over the age of the earth, nor is it a debate with materialist scientists.  It’s about politicians’ ability to compartmentalize their faith.  In a statement to the Athens Banner-Herald, Meredith Griffanti, a spokeswoman for the Republican congressman, said:

“Dr Broun was speaking off the record to a large church group about his personal beliefs regarding religious issues.” []

Here we go again!  Christianity is not for the public square, it’s simply a personal belief and should play no part in public policy and decisions of truth in education.  If “God’s word is true” as Congressman Broun asserts in the video, should it not be true for everyone or is it true for just Congressman Broun?  Congressman Broun along with Joe Biden and Paul Ryan has been added to my Wall of Shame!

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