Pastor Jailed

On July 9th, Phoenix, Arizona Pastor Michael Salman reported to jail for committing a crime. The crime in question? Hosting a bible study at his home.  (Read Story Here)  According to the city of Phoenix and “America’s Sheriff” Joe Apraio, Michael did not comply with zoning laws for conducting a religious service.  The response to this law breaker is was to execute a search warrant on his home, fine him thousands of dollars and sentence him to 60 days in jail.

What ever happened to common sense?  Are our government officials so stupid that they can’t see what’s in their future for such a blunder?  The allegations against the pastor are true.  He is, in a very literal sense, violating a zoning ordinance, but can the city officials of Phoenix not see the outcomes related the enforcement of such a law?  What ever happened to the First Amendment or even self preservation?  Do they not know that they are elected officials?  Does Sheriff Joe think he’s untouchable?  This is of course not an isolated incident.  Earlier this year, after New Mexico passed a law making homosexuality a protected class, a private business was sued for refusing to take photos at a guy wedding.  This is just a symptom of a systematic approach of our government and others to remove any bastion of moral fiber from our society.  We should not be surprised by things like this. Jesus said it would happen.

It is clear that Christians are to follow the law and I think we should.  For this reason, I would urge the people of Phoenix to apply for a temporary permit this Christmas and again on Easter to conduct “religious” services at their homes.  I think that if the government wants us to follow the letter of the law (no matter how ridiculous) they should be willing to accept the ramification of the law.  I think that millions of temporary permit applications will make the point nicely.

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