Coping with a Bad Boss

This is a continuation of a post I did a few months ago regarding coping with a bad boss.  As the drama continues, I thought I would share with you some insight that I am learning through a situation that many will contend with.

I reflected on an hour and a half conversation I had with my boss this afternoon and finally realized the problem.  The problem is that just about every word out of his mouth sounded like it came from an episode of Oprah.  Ultimately my leaders (using the term loosely) are trying to make me get in touch with my inner consciousness and become more “self aware”.  Their intent is a noble one to conform me into the image of what they think is a better person.  I don’t think either of the two owners have negative reason for what they do. HOWEVER,  at its core this is a rejection of Christ and His principles and that is simply not acceptable.  This is really the problem with businesses that lose their goal of delivering products and services to customers and replace them with the desire to make “better people”.  Ultimately doing this removes the diversity from business which makes it whitewashed and ineffective because the person doing the coaching may have a different world view than those they coach. Without each party gaining common ground and a recognization of who their ultimate authority is, the endeavor is sure to fail. The business loses focus when people push back on questionable world view issues and this turns the business into something it was never indented to be.  This goes for Christian business as well.  Your world view should permeate your character, it should not be your motive for business.  One should not expect to be fired from my business if they don’t accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.  If I made this a requirement, I would be sued out of existence yet it is okay if you are a Materialist, Buddhist, Zoroastrian (the world view of choice in business books these days).  If your desire is to change people’s character I suggest you start a church not a business!  I am not advocating leaving your faith at the door when you go to work.  I am simply stating that one’s faith is who you are and when you go to work you continue to be a Christian.  The key here is that if you start a business it should be to make money.  There is really no other reason to do so.  The core values of your business should be the values that align with your world view.  It can be no other way.  If I start a business and am the “lead buffalo”, the core values will be my own. If I try to reject my world view when developing core values, people will see through them and reject them for being inconsistent. In the case of the owners of my company, they are starting with the premise that they will turn people into them (or make them follow their world view) and then it’s about running a business that makes money.  Because the owners have the wrong motives, the employees (including myself) reject them as leaders because they have done nothing to earn respect.  In other words the employees did not sign up for a lesson in character but a desire to make a living, support their family, give to their church or better themselves as individuals.  If the owners would show the character in business consistent with their world view they may be able to respectively reach people and make positive changes (at least in their minds).

Just a thought…

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