My Doctor Prescribed me a Prostitute.

Actually no one prescribed me a hooker, the title is simply meant to make a point. Does something considered sinful cease to be a sin when it is prescribed by a doctor? When it comes to something like the title suggests, few would answer “yes”. What about something like drug use? On many occasion, I have heard a well meaning pastor preach the evils of drugs and alcohol yet for most of these pastors they wouldn’t hesitate to pop a Vicodin for a broken leg or an Ambien for severe ansonia. What’s the difference? The difference is the Vicodin was prescribed by a doctor and therefore it becomes okay. Does it? Does the Bible say things are okay when they are prescribed by a physician? If so can I not make the claim that if a doctor prescribed my a prostitute or homosexual sex or killing my neighbor then it becomes okay too? Of course the issue in question is the legality of the drug so the sin is not taking the drug but breaking the law. Moral laws are not dependent in governmental laws, however. Certainly Christians are precluded from doing anything that is illegal (which if you think about it is absurd since we are all precluded from breaking the law – Christian or not) but we are precluded from doing things that are legal as well. If murder became legal, Christian would still have a moral obligation to abstain. Homosexuality is legal yet we are prohibited from this type of relationship. So if drugs are a moral crime and not just a legal crime then we are to obtain in every occasion without exception. This however, becomes a slippery slope; if drugs become legal so goes the argument and one will have an inconsistent defense against taking drugs of any kind – even socially. Yes even socially – after all what other purpose is there for taking Viagra? This drug is meant to improve ones over all sexual happiness and that seems to be more recreational than necessary. Few will die from not getting nookie! Many have actually died from taking it (that must be some seriously potent stuff!).

Simply put weather we choose to recognize it or not, we are either inconsistent in stating that drugs are a sin yet we take them when we need them, or we have little to no case against the use of drugs of any kind. In other words. Drugs are either an objective moral sin against God or they are not. I believe we create a mess for ourselves if we state that drugs are an objective moral sin. It seems to me the issue falls better into the world of situational ethics. Drugs are wrong sometimes and not wrong other times. This concept is true weather you have a perscription or not. If you take Vicodin and abuse it (which parallels my past) it is wrong – prescription or not. God’s law is simply not dependent on the word of a mere man no matter if the man has gone to medical school or not. To think otherwise is simply absurd and trivializes God and his ability to create all things with a good and holy purpose. It should not be a surprise to us that sinful humans abuse holy things. Look at sex for instance. God created it good yet we abuse it all the time. Our abuse of sex doesn’t make sex is a sin – does it?

Lastly, one must seek ones conscience when it comes to this issue. For me, taking medication of any kind is fine if my intent is good and upstanding. This includes drugs like Marijuana (in the states that allow it). If you feel differently, then you should abstain from taking it, Just keep in mind that your conscience is to be YOUR guide and not the guide of others. Many of us take our personal feelings about things like drugs and alcohol and make them objective laws for all people. Try to keep that stuff to a minimum – that’s why people think we are a bunch of nut jobs who judge others. Christianity is about the grace of God, not about the things we are not supposed to do. Look to Paul as an example of the liberty we find in Christ and focus on that. Let God change the heart of His creation.

Give this some thought…

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