Just finished part 1 of Beginnings a series on creationism by Eric Hovind the son of well know evangelist Ken Hovind. First I am not a young earther but I am also not dogmatic about the age of the earth. I think it is a secondary issue and I can fellowship with someone who thinks the age of the earth is 10,000 years old with no problem. With that said, this DVD series is embarrassing, condescending, and completely loaded with straw man arguments that made me (a person who rejects evolution) laugh. I think that Mr. Hoven displays a level of ignorance that is unsurpassed by many and his arrogant tone is amazing to say the least. Most importantly, his line of argumentation is so bad that it is a wonder that those with a propensity for evolutionary theory don’t take us seriously. I think the world would be a better place if Mr. Hovind would stop making DVD series and leave the apologetics to those infinitely more qualified than him.

I will talk specifics in later posts, but I will add his complete inability to separate old earth theology from evolution as he groups entire groups of Christians into the category evolutionists. Though I personally have old earth leanings, I adamantly reject evolution. This is apparently not an option in Hovind’s theology. The most glaring examples of Hovind’s ignorance stem from his desire to set up straw man arguments and then knock them down with no regard for the answers that the evolutionists might give. Additionally he seldom answers objections but instead makes some witty comment that is used to display that the evolutionists is stupid and he is smart.

It pains me to be lumped into the same group as this man and I pray that my opponents do not get ahold of this embarrassing display of apologetics.

My wife cautions me to speak the truth in love. Speaking anything other than the way I have in this post would not be speaking love to those who need Christ the most. It is just that bad.

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