Christian Damage…

Last night I participated in a forum called Face-To-Face with Faith.  It was designed for college students to ask questions regarding different faith world views.  On the panel was a Pagan, Orthodox Jew, Unitarian/Universalist and an Orthodox Christian.

I can’t say that anything surprised me.  The Jew and Christian agreed on moral aspects of religion and the Pagan and Unitarian agreed on the subjectivity of morality and embraced relativism.  Not a shocker there. The one thing that was very clear to me is that, which the exception of the Jew, the other panel members have been deeply wounded by Christians.  This was most apparent from the Unitarian who continually stated that he embraces his world view because of his liberal politics and the genocide of different “faith traditions” that do not read the bible with “cultural sensitivity”.  What he means be this is Christians have made truth claims that do not align with his liberal socio-political agenda so he found a “customized” religion that does.  He believes, for instance, that homosexual marriage is a good thing and since Christians disagree he is against it.  Interestingly he didn’t seem to have a problem with the Jew stating basically the same thing.  I can appreciate his sentiment, but creating a customized God and customized religion base on man-made politics and arrogant responses to Biblical truth by fallible man can be a fatal mistake.

The thing that resonates with me is the concept of “cultural sensitivity”.   I CAN’T AGREE MORE WITH HIM!   Christians do need to be culturally sensitive and holding up signs that say “God Hates Fags” does way more damage than good.  HOWEVER, the question is, do we change the Bible to be more culturally sensitive? Making such a claim misses the point of the Bible in the first place.  The Bible is about God’s plan to redeem humanity from Sin.  It is not a rule book per se’.  It certainly contains rules and guideline for better living, but since God does the redeeming, it really make no difference if we are gay or straight.  He can redeem us no matter what our sexual orientation.    We don’t follow the rules to get closer to God, we follow the rules in obedience to Jesus Christ.  We start following the rules after conversion, yet even in our converted state we do it less than perfectly to say the least.  So we should not be surprised that people living in rebellion to the creator embrace sexual sin.  Nor should we be surprised that Christins do the same thing!  We are broken creatures that desperately need a savior.   So we should absolutely be culturally sensitive, but changing the Bible to suite 2010 is not the way to do it.  Instead we must recognize that we all need a savior – the timeless message of the bible. By changing our methods to engage those who are lost and desperately need a better path is certainly been the motives of Christian throughout time. No one would ever assume that doing exactly the same thing in 2010 that were done in 1000AD would be an effective idea.   However we need to trust that God will complete his plan.

One last thing.  It is not our liberty to change how God feels about sin.  The fact that people sin should be surprise us, nor should it keep us from engaging people who are in sin (all of us).  What we should not do is change how God thinks about sin.  Ultimately another’s sin has nothing to do with me, it’s a crime against the creator and it is up to Him to determine what he likes and dislikes.

  1. I like reading this Christian blog-entry as it’s moderate. Sin is not based on sexuality alone, it’s based in humanity. The focus on homosexuality and abortion is so non-constructive. Yeah, it is a sin, and so is alot of other things, but those two stands are what are constantly being debated.

    And all that Christian hypocrisy. That doesn’t help at all.

    I think Christianity is the best faith of all the worlds faith, and the reasons are God forgives sins if regretted, “Love thy neighbour”, humility “let the one without sin cast the first stone” and “Turn the other cheek”. But all I see are angry people saying “God hates fags” one day, celebrating someone being killed by death penalty the next, and on the last day crying over abortions (of possible serial-killers) while having sex with the neighbours wife (okay, I haven’t seen that last part)

      • schooloffish
      • November 9th, 2010

      I think my friends and family would laugh to hear someone call me moderate. I think that in many cases the Bible is moderate so consistency will lead you to moderation.

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