Question for the ages – Where the Heck did Jesus GO?

Unlike most posts I have made over the years, this post is a question more than anything else. Here’s the question:

“If Jesus rose physically, where did he go?”

The Bible states that he ascended into heaven which means heaven must be a physical place as Jesus still remains in his physical body. So where is heaven? It must be a physical place and Jesus must dwell there physically. Right?

I think we can assume that heaven is in some other physical dimension. One not seen through human eyes. I see no other way to consistently reconcile Jesus’ physical resurrection with his assent into heaven.

I think this theology has some ramifications for people who think that heaven is right here on earth. That Jesus will return and turn our current planet into heaven. It seems to me that a better way of thinking is that when Jesus returns, that he will take us to a physical place that he has been preparing.

I would welcome your thought. This is an issue that I have not seen addressed by theologians to this point.

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