Which ones should we follow.

As Christians we are commanded to follow the laws of the land, but it seems to me that Christians throughout the ages have impacted society and made changes – righting a wrong – by doing the opposite.  So that begs the question, which laws are we bound to follow and which laws are we inclined to ignore? Take fireworks here in Fort Collins, Co where I lived.  The city counsel passed an ordinance this year to make the use of any fireworks illegal and subject to fines.  Yet the same government stated that they will not enforce the law on Independence Day.  They didn’t make it legal on the 4th, they just said you’ll “get away with it”.  So as a Christian, I took the liberty to light off a display of fireworks in my yard. Was I sinning?  How about Medical Marijuana?  In Colorado, marijuana is legal for medicinal use. There is no fine or jail time associated with using it for medical reasons.  HOWEVER, the federal government still recognizes marijuana as a crime and states that “marijuana has no legitimate medical purpose”. The same government that makes this claim also sent a memo to all the states Attorney Generals stating “The federal drug enforcement agency has no plan to act to enforce federal laws that do not align with state laws allowing the use of marijuana unless another more serious crime is also apparent”. So is it “Legal” or NOT?  How is a Christian in constant pain supposed to act in this case?

We live in a constant state of gray in our society and because of this, some decisions by Christians are not as easily made as they used to be. In addition, the Christian church in American is legalistic and moralistic and hates to think for itself.  We would rather let the pastor, preacher, reverend or priest make our decision for us.  This is, quite frankly, a shameful state of affairs!  What we should be doing in these cases is looking to the Spirit or GOD as guidance in helping us solve some of these more difficult issues.

As Christians, we believe that God created ALL things with a good intended purpose.  In some cases our misuse and abuse of things because of the fall of man requires that we no longer partake in an item originally created for good (Perhaps marijuana falls under that statute but it seems other medication should also be eliminated). I firmly believe that we need to keep this principle in mind and make decision based on it.  So use the Spirit to guide your path when no explicit condemnation is provided in the pages of scripture, and try to recognize GOD’s holy intended purpose in all things, and strive to embrace it.  Doing these two things will, in many cases change the state of gray we have in our society to nice shades of black and white.

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