Stopping the Pattern of Legalism

My wife and I were talking this morning regarding chores. Not our chores per se, but giving my soon-to-be 7 years old daughter chores. Of course this conversation naturally progressed into allowance. I am not against allowance, but I think an allowance should be in direct proportion to the work being done. No work – no pay, so it isn’t really an allowance, but a salary. My wife and I are firm believers that we need to raise our children to save and to give (she needs no help spending). My wife wants to start my daughter on the program of saving 10% and giving 10% and allowing my daughter to decide what she wants to do with the other 80%. I like the concept but I don’t agree with giving 10%. I think the concept is legalistic and doesn’t promote a Christian way of living but an obligation that we don’t see in the New Testament. So how would I do it?

I think we need to teach our children to make good decisions. Prior to spending anything, our children should ask themselves “Do I need to buy this candy bar (or whatever)? Would my money be better spent if I gave it to the Lord?” Asking such questions as a child will promote a God Centric living. A lifestyle that constantly keeps us making decisions that help to promote Jesus’s fame. Imagine if all people would ask that question before spending? “Do I need this BMW or can I buy a less expensive car and give the rest to the Lord?” My method promotes a gospel centered lifestyle and not the standard method of giving to the church because you feel obligated.

If you are raising a child, consider teaching them to focus on Jesus when making any spending decisions and they will grow to be healthy God centered adults.

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