Living Missional – More time with Believers Less Time Worrying about the End of the World

It seems to me that churches like Calvary Chapel have lost their focus. For instance Chuck Smith, Pope of the Calvary movement teaches more on Eschatology (and in fact makes it a distinctive of Calvary) more than he does on training up people to reach their neighbors. The result? A nice little Christian Sub-Culture. Churches with Christian Book Store, Christian Coffee Shops, Christian Schools, and Christian Music Stations. The question is, what do these things do to live up to the great commission?

Below is a link to an article written by a man named Joanthan Dodson. It is a simple blog post on how to live a life on mission. Before you accuse me of being an emergent church guy, let me state that by no means am I suggesting my living a missional live style means you should sacrifice the gospel. In fact, I am stating otherwise. True missional living is about the gospel and teaching people the true message of Jesus Christ. The Emergent Church is on the right track when it comes to reaching culture, but they are greatly in error when it comes to accepting a postmodern life style. So instead of rejecting all of what they represent (as Chuck Smith has done) why not embrace those things that are good and reject those things that are in error? Afterall that’s what Paul did when he stated (I am greatly paraphrasing here). Let them preach, even if they are saying some wrong things, the conclusion is still Christ.

Enjoy the article

Fort Collins Colorado Church Missio Dei

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