Anyone can say anything!


Let me make this short and sweet. Anyone can say anything! I have found that defending the Christian position usually stalls, not because of a lucid argument, but because our opponents are left with the ability to make some assertion that we feel compelled to answer. Many believe that if we don’t answer an assertion, we are losing the argument. This is absurd, and I intend, with this message, to show you the proper way to answer these questions.

First, an assertion is a statement without proof. An example of this would be, “Reincarnation was taken out of the Bible”. Human nature would be to try to “prove” that it wasn’t but this puts you on the defensive and in any argument you want to say ont eh offensive. When you get an assertion like this, don’t feel as though you need to respond. Instead of answering the assertion, try questioning instead. Using the example above, you might ask: “Do you have knowledge of how reincarnation could have been removed from thousands of copies of biblical texts circulating since the 2nd century? Of course no one has this proof and I am confident they never will. In a recent post, I was victim of such as assertion. A very educated reader (much more educated then myself) makes several assertions that have yet to be answered. He states that polytheism was removed from the New and Old Testaments. When I requested proof and reminded him that he bares the burden of proving this position, he responded by stating: “That’s the problem with my argument, I don’t believe that polytheism was removed from the Bible” If I did, I would have the same position as himself. Frankly this answer is absurd and I expected more. As educated as he is, his decision not to answer the question actually answers the question. THERE IS NO PROOF.

Let’s say for a minute he does come up with some proof. What do we do then? First, we need to find out exactly how trust worthy the proof is. Is the resource more trust worthy than ours? Let’s say for the sake of argument that is it. We then need to see if this proof actually negates our position. In the example of reincarnation, it would seriously damage the Christian position if credible proof exists to show a conspiracy of removing reincarnation from the Bible. In the case of historical revisionism (polytheism), it wouldn’t do much at all. The question that would need to be answered is weather or not the Bible teaches polytheism. This is certainly NOT the case, so even if (and it is likely) some Jews and Christians are polytheists. This doesn’t constitute historical revisionism.

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So in an attempt to keep this short and sweet, here’s my advice. Don’t let people get away with anything. If someone makes an assertion, no matter how smart they seem, ask questions to show that they really have no case at all.



    • xenlogic
    • February 6th, 2008

    Excellent points my friend! It’s the classic bait and switch: Using people’s own arguments to expose the ludicrous nature of their critique’s.

    Do you play chess? If so, then you will know of a technique called “In Tempo”, where if your opponent threatens a significant piece of yours (e.g. a Bishop or a Rook), you can force a check on their King, causing them to ignore their attack, and thus allow you to (optionally) take their piece or move it out of danger. It’s classic Sun Tzu “Art of War” strategy. I use this kind of technique all the time.

    If you don’t mind, I’m going to share this entry of yours with some friends of mine (I’ll direct them to your blog). I think they could do with the wisdom.


  1. I do play chess, but I prefer boxing. Much more fast paced 🙂 You are free to share and link this post as much as you’d like (that’s kind of the point).

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