GOD Loves You Doesn’t Answer Everything! (Video)


Too often I see well meaning Christains make bad arguments for their faith. Read any Atheist’s Blog you will see it.  The Atheist will make a point about how the Bible promotes slavery, or apparent contradictions and the Christians will answer by saying:  “GOD loves you and you just need to have faith in him”.  What do you think the Atheist is going to say?  Well that makes sense, I guess I’ll accept Jesus and be baptized?  Not likely…..

If we have apparent problems with our theology, we need to find ways to argue around them.  Remember we have true on our hands so we know that the problem isn’t truth but interpretation. If it turns out that what we believe doesn’t hold up to the truth (for instance if we find Jesus Christ’s body in a grave somewhere), then we need to find out what is true and follow it.  This is called clear thinking and it is what should make Christians stand out.  However all too often ridiculous comments and religious wacko are what we are remembered by.  I find it ironic that we accuse Scientists of being bias toward the truth (which they most definitely are) but we do the same thing.  When someone offers a lucid argument, we bury our heads in the sand fall back on “GOD loves you”.  Well GOD does love him or her, but he has left it up to us to show his love and intelligence through our love and intelligence.  So get intelligent CHRISTIAN   (Enjoy the Video)

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