Mormons New Tactic Call Time Out!

Mormons on the moon!

It’s that time a year when the boys in black suites with name tags start coming around evangelizing. On one sense, I applaud them for their religious convictions, but on the other hand, their techniques are getting more and more sloppy. The LDS have long been know for masking their message as a Christian one, but now they’ve added the tactic of calling foul every time you question something that they say. Here’s how the conversation goes:

Mormon: Good afternoon, my name is Todd, I would like to tell you a little about the good new of Jesus Christ.

Me: Ok

Mormon: Jesus (Add evangelistic commentary here, time passes and eventually they get to the book of Mormon)

Me: Do you believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God?

Mormon: Yes along with another testimony of Jesus called the Book of Mormon

Me: It’s good that we both agree that the Bible is inspired, however I have no reason to believe that the Book of Mormon is inspired, why should I believe.

Mormon: pray and you will have a burning in the bosom.

Me: I have a burning in the bosom that tells me the Book of Mormon is not inspired, so why should I listen to your burning instead of my own?


Me: First of all, you came to my house, I am simply asking important questions. Are you saying that my burning is wrong or how do I interpret the burning as my burning and your burning clearly don’t agree?

Mormon: No I would never say anyone is wrong.

Me: Do you believe that the Book of Mormon is inspired?

Mormon: Yes

Me: So you are saying that your feeling is right and mine is wrong. What’s the problem with that?

Mormon: (Stunned, walks off)

The biggest concern about this interaction is that after talking with other people who have had run ins with Mormons, this: Why are you persecuting me line is a tactic that they employ to get people to shut up and listen. By enacting it, they don’t have to answer questions and have lucid arguments and that cannot be tolerated. If Mormons what to fall into the pale of orthodox Christianity, they they better be able to prove their position. It is our job to call them on this tactic and in gentle and Christian manner.

The video below give you a little more information on dealing with the LDS.. Good Luck…

  1. It’s not “that time of year again”, it’s ALWAYS that time of year!!!! 🙂

    • schooloffish
    • October 15th, 2007

    Figure of Speech. In Arizona where I live, the bikes are a little less apparent when the temp reaches 113 degrees. Now that it’s down to 85 my guess we’ll see more LDS out and about. Like the post states, I will always offer an Mormon in for a chat, but don’t expect me to allow you to control the conversation in my home. Come with a lucid argument and we’ll have a nice chat.

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